Bacon Wrapped Halloween Mummy Meatloaf

Bacon wrapped meatloaf is always fantastic, but it's extra fun when done like a mummy for Halloween.  This Halloween mummy meatloaf recipe is naturally gluten free & keto - perfect for the whole family

YOU WILL NEED: Ground beef or chicken Bacon Grated veggies* Mushrooms Onion and garlic Dijon mustard Green olives Olive Oil Large Egg Dried Parsley Salt & Pepper * See linked recipe for full details on veggies that work

Prepare & saute the veggies

Once veggies have cooled, combine with remaining meatloaf ingredients.

Line a loaf pan with bacon slices, then fill with meatloaf mixture.

Fold ends of bacon over the meatloaf mixture, then carefully invert the loaf onto a prepared pan.

Affix olives for eyes, and bake your Mummy Meatloaf.

For best results, blot the meatloaf with paper towel to remove excess bacon grease.

Happy Halloween!

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