Keto Piroshki

Bacon Sauerkraut Buns

These keto piroshki - bacon sauerkraut buns - are super easy to make, full of great flavour, and perfect substitute for the original! No need to miss out on holiday traditions while on a keto diet - they’re only 2 g net carbs each!

YOU WILL NEED: Bacon Sauerkraut 1 Onion Almond flour Coconut flour Mozzarella cheese Cream cheese 2 Large eggs Almond milk   Baking soda Baking powder Salt & Pepper

Cook bacon & onion until bacon is cooked, but not crispy.  Add sauerkraut to the pan, cook until heated through. Season with salt and pepper to taste, allow to cool. 

Following the directions in the linked recipe, make the modified fathead dough.

Using wet hands, divide dough into 24 pieces.  Flatten each into a circle, then form around a tablespoon of filling.

Bake as directed, until lightly golden brown.

Best served warm - either fresh from the oven, or reheated.  Enjoy!