Sugar Free Royal Icing

Looking for a keto way to decorate sugar cookies or gingerbread? This sugar free royal icing is a lot like the real thing - it even hardens!   Perfect for your keto holiday baking.

YOU WILL NEED: Granulated Allulose Large Egg Whites Fresh Lemon Juice See the linked post for full information on food safety, when using raw egg whites.

Measure allulose into a mini food processor, let it run until the allulose is finely powdered.

In clean stand mixer - or with an electric hand mixer - whip egg whites until foamy.     Add lemon juice, whip for few seconds to combine.

Slowly add powdered allulose until cookie icing reaches desired consistency. You will want a fairly thick frosting – but still smooth and workable – for piping details and borders.

Transfer your sugar-free royal icing to a piping bag, and decorate your keto Christmas cookies as desired!

This keto cookie icing can be tinted to any color you’d like! See linked post for full details on how to use this frosting, including the different consistencies, coloring, and storage. Enjoy!